Personal Addition #25

Over the weekend I ended off my amazing 4 years as a husky a champion. On sunday evening we defeated the glenlawn lions 14-5 which secured us the provincal championship. We played good all year but when It came to the final game every brought an amazing effort and we played the perfect game. Every time the ball was on the ground we would come up with it and everytime we had a chance to score we scored. After the game we all went to a teamates house and had a players and parents party. It was such a good way to end off an amazing year as a husky and Im gonna miss every minute of it. 



Authors Note

While writing my buried life list It made me think about all the things I want to do before I die and how there is so many things I want to accomplish in life. For example there are many people I want to see preform live in concert and many places I want to visit. One of the problems with pretty much all the items on my bucket list is that they require money to complete. There are a few items I can complete right now such as catching a ball at an MLB game or catch a big fish but alot of them require me to either be graduated university or have a stable job. I also think that If I am completing these items later on im my life it would be fantastic If I could complete these with either my girlfriend or wife. Doing all these fun things would be great but experiencing them with someone who you care about would be even more fufilling then just doing them alone. Obviosuly Its tough to say If I will get around to doing all these things before I die or If I will even want to do some of the items on my list when Im older but I found this experince to be fun because it gave me a chance to think of all the things I want to do before I die.

Now What

Just days after finishing this project I accomplished one of my major items of my bucket list. This item was repeating the lacrosse provincals. This was an important item on my bucket list because I wanted to do something memorable  to end of my high school career. Lacrosse would also be the last high school sport I played as I high school student so I wanted to end it off as a winner. This weekend our team really came together as a unit and played our best lacrosse of the season. It was such a good feeling ending up on top after all the hard work we put in this season. 

For the rest of my items on my bucket list the most attainable thing short term for me is graduating high school. This is an important thing for me to do because high school is a major chapter in everyones life and even though I don’t  want to leave, graduating with good grades is very important to me and will open up many doors for me in the future. 

As far as some of the other items on my bucket list such as traveling are things I want to accomplish later in life. I first want to get my university degree and be astablish in life. Getting a university degree is on my bucket list as well so Its something I definetly want to accomplish but If I do decide to do a little bit of traveling before I graduate. 

Looking back on my bucket list I was pretty happy and lucky to have been able to do many things in 18 short years of living. I have already been very lucky to be able to do some traveling with my family to various places. I love traveling with my family but I think it would be cool to be able to experiance the world alone or with a few friends. This project has made me think about my future and I am excited for what the world has in store for me.

Personal Addition #24

The NBA finals haven been going on this last week and they have been extremely exciting. The finals feautures one of my favorite teams the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State warriors. The first 3 games of the series have been extremely exciting. The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost 2 of their key players this year and one of my favorite players lebron is carrying the team meanwhile he is also playing injured. On the Golden State side they have the leauge mvp and a very deep bench. In the first game it went to overtime where golden state outscored cleveland 14-2 in the extra frame. Game 2 had a similar outcome but this time clevlend won in overtime. Games 3 and 4 were a diffrent story completley, In game 3 Cleveland came out fast and hard and won by 10 and then in game 4 Cleveland won by 20. Golden state won the crutial game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead. Im very excited to see what game 6 has in store and I still hoping that cleveland wins in 7. 

Personal Addition #23

There is less then a week left of high school and since im almost done school I wanted to do a mini bucket list for things I want to accomplish before Im done high school.

1. Figure out a good grad quote that I wont regret In 5 years when I look back on my year book.

2. Do a tribute video to thank the teachers and my parents for all the help they have given me.

3. Win lacrosse provincals. This is the last chance I have to win a high school sport and there would be no better way to end of the year then by being champions.

4. Do good on my exams. I want to finish the school year strong by getting a high mark on my final exams.

5. Personally thank all the teachers that have helped me over the years.

Im gonna miss high school and all the good memories that I had during my 4 years here. 

My Buried Life

1. Go to raptors game.

2. Get university degree.

3. Buy my parents a house.

4. Go to Dubai.

5. Drive a Lambroghini.

6. Party with drake.

7. Buy a house.

8. See a kanye concert.

9. Get married.

10. Swim with sharks.

11. Learn to surf.

12. Go to LA.

13. Catch a ball at MLB game.

14. Go to Tomorrowland.

15. Snowboard in Cali.

16. Repeat Lacrosse provincials.

17. Graduate high school.

18. Ask out a Kardashian/Jenner.

19. Ride on a yacht.

20. Break 75 in a golf game.

21. Dunk a basketball.

22. Go to Jets playoff game.

23. Hit a dinger at MLB size field.

24. Buy expensive Jordan’s.

25. Go to vegas when Im 21.

26. Play junior hockey.

27. Catch a big fish.

28. Get the buried life to tweet me back.

29. Buy my first car.

30. Run a marathon.

31. Live in Kelowna.

32. Sit court side at Cavs game.

33. Go to Coachella.

34. See my grandparents graves.

35. Swim in each ocean.

38. Help some cross of something on their bucket list.

37. Watch a nascar race.

38. Throw a huge party.

39. Sneak into a concert.
40. Get on stage at a concert.

41. Play street-ball in Compton.

42. Go to Europe.

43. Watch SNL Live.

44. Get A Tattoo.

45. Grow a Beard.

46. A big road trip with friends.

47. See my sister graduate uni.

48. Sky Dive.

49. Go back to disney world.

50. Walk the red carpet.

51. Start a Charity.

52. Do a toast at a friends wedding.

53. Be a contestant on a game show.

54. Kayak down a waterfall.

55. Set a guinness world record.